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The world needs you to reach your full potential, and college admittance shouldn't hold you back.


You are capable of getting into
a world-class college. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make the cut. 

Too many students abandon their full potential because gaining admittance to a top-tier college feels daunting.

How to take the Ivy League Challenge:

1. Choose your plan

You can take the challenge as an on-demand course, in a live cohort, or 1:1. 

2. Participate in the Challenge

No matter the format, we’ll discover your strengths, develop your theme, and help you create an impact project that will be beneficial for you and your community. 

3. Confidently Gain Admittance to Your Dream College

It’s not a mystery what competitive schools are looking for when screening applicants. You will have a clear plan to get accepted and gain scholarships. 


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Course Outcomes: 


  • Find core values
  • Clarify interests/strengths
  • Define yourself
  • Learn activities that stand out instead of wasting your time
  • Craft winning essays


  • Learn the 9 types of projects that stand out
  • Help your community
  • Develop true leadership
  • Learn to be an investigative journalist
  • Live your core values authentically


  • Leverage Phases 1 & 2 to stand out in your college application
  • Scale your impact
  • Network with Admission Officers
  • Effective Professor Outreach
  • Confidently get into a good college


✅ Video training for all three phases of the Ivy League Challenge; self-awareness, impact project, & confident college admissions.

✅ Specific worksheets and homework assignments for each concept to be sure you are doing it right

✅ Access to monthly Q&A calls with Steve to get personal questions answered

✅ Access to masterclasses by Steve and other experts

✅ Recordings will be archived for all Q&A calls and masterclasses for your convenience

✅ Includes Professor Outreach training 

✅ Email templates for professional communication with experts, professors, teachers, admissions officers, and more.

Live cohort

Everything from the on-demand version, PLUS: 

✅ Weekly interaction with Steve, who stays after every class until all students have had their questions answered

✅ Priceless conversations and relationships with a cohort of like-minded, ambitious teens

✅ A token to be able to participate in any future Live Cohort of the Ivy League Challenge for free (this can be used multiple times, but the token cannot be transferred to others)

✅ Awareness of your impact project by Steve and the cohort– this often leads to connections that can be valuable to execute the project

✅ A structured schedule for moving through the material at an appropriate pace

✅ A graduation certificate at the end of the 12-week course

✅ Brainstorming and creativity sessions with peers are helpful for self-awareness and also the impact project. 

Accelerated Course 

Everything from the live cohort, PLUS:  

✅ Four 1:1 strategy sessions with Steve

✅ Access to Steve’s WhatsApp for on-the-spot support when necessary

✅ Personalized guidance for self-awareness and impact project

✅ Finish the course in 6 weeks


Choose your plan


Learn & apply at your own pace. Fully self-directed.

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Accelerated Course

When you must move quickly. For juniors and seniors.

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