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Neela's Impact Project

A Fight for Girls' Education

How a 15-year old's app will allow millions of teens to make a difference.


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Atoms to Mountains

Atoms to Mountains is a digital fundraising platform enabling individual students to make a difference to the world through micro-contributions towards a fund by using change from their daily lunch bill.
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A Fight for Girl's Education

How a high school student's new app will allow millions of teens to make a difference.

What is Happening?

132 Million 

Girls worldwide, are out of school (UNICEF, 2018)

6 Million 

Families in India do not send their daughters to school

Gender inequality and poverty

Main causes of the limitation in girls' education. There's a belief that educating girls is not as important as educating boys.

Meet Neela

In grade 5, Nilambera (Neela) learned that her friend Spandana would need to drop out of school due to family finances. Her family had enough tuition for only one child to attend school, and her brother was chosen even though he was not as studious as his sister. The unfairness was heartbreaking.


Neela’s family supported Spandana’s education, which completely changed the girl’s life. 

Seeing her succeed over the years

Neela realized that education was a great leveler for girls. 

What she witnessed really broke her heart, and she believed that “someday” she would graduate college and find a way to help solve that problem.

The Ivy League Challenge inspired her to begin taking action at 14 instead of waiting until she was 40. 

From Inspiration to Innovation

You can reach your full potential too.

Get help from top Ivy League coaches and build your own impact project.


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What the students & parents are saying:


"I completely recommend the Ivy League Challenge, I only wish I would have done this sooner. I think if possible students should start this the summer before 9th grade or even earlier. My life is so much better after I learned these things about myself. There is no better way to live life than the way the Ivy league Challenge teaches."

Ata Alic
– UC Berkeley Student


"My daughter attended the program over three years ago, and looking back I see how that training helped her conquer her challenges. Because of your program, she knows what she wants in life and how to get it. She is living her life fully and I find I never have to worry about her success anymore, she is rocking life! Thank you."

Regina McGraph
– Proud Parent


"You will NOT believe what I’m about to tell you! I got into both Harvard and Princeton! I’ve been feeling so dizzy the past two days..."

Xiao Yu
– Attended Harvard

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