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      For reproductive justice and empowerment

"I spent the entire day after the Dobbs decision distracting myself. When I ran out of things to do, I broke down. The thought that so many people would suffer and possibly have their health and lives put at risk because of an unplanned pregnancy was infuriating. The realization that many people seemed not to even care was enraging. The world had suddenly become a more dangerous place than it had ever been in my lifetime because of the decision of six unelected officials a thousand miles away, and I couldn’t even vote in the upcoming election. I knew that if I didn’t do something I would be unable to focus on school and college applications. I would be too overwhelmed with fear and frustration to function. 

 I started to do research and reach out to people to see where I could have an impact. I had to reframe my mindset from “thousands of people with millions of dollars are trying to tackle this issue, so what could I possibly do” to “what would happen if every single person who wanted to make the world a better place actually tried to do something.” After talking to several people, I began to understand that while I couldn't solve the whole problem, I could work on issues in my own community that could make a difference. In a country where abortion would not be an option for many, the need for quality sex education would be more important than ever."

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     Minna's Impact Projects

Sex Education Advocate

Minna is raising awareness and increasing accountability within her school district (BVSD) and across the State. Cooperation with mayor Ashley Stolzmann, representative Susan Lontine, and others like PPRM Regional Director of Government Affairs Jack Teter, has led to legislative efforts to ensure appropriate accountability within the education system. As part of her involvement, she surveyed BVSD Middle and High School students to gather data based evidence of the limitations of the current BVSD Sex Education program. 
A high school student fighting for improved legislation and better sex ed support has attracted media attention, and her continued efforts have begun important changes. She hopes her legacy will continue after she graduates and moves on to college next year.


Minna is working with experts to determine the effects of climate change on phytoplankton in the equatorial Pacific. 

Since phytoplankton are at the bottom of the food chain, any change in their net primary productivity (NPP) and biomass will impact the populations of all marine creatures, which will impact humans. Understanding the driving factors behind the changes in phytoplankton NPP and biomass, and how it will impact fish in these areas, will be crucial for these many countries when considering how they will secure adequate food security, and how their economies will be impacted by climate change in the future. 

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