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Greater Growth, More Fun

Listen in to learn more about how to begin this process with your teen.

How do we take students who are struggling in school-- teens who are so disengaged that they are actively sabotaging classroom learning, into cheerful collaborators or curios creators?

We have to stop thinking that we can create this kind of transformation by focusing on marginal improvements in classroom performance.

Instead, we need to shift our perspective completely.

Effective education should be creating problem solvers and bridge-builders.

But most of the hours teens spend in the classroom do not lead to greater critical thinking or problem-solving.

Just like the best way to learn something is to teach it, the best way to train for problem solving is to begin working to solve problems.


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Too many people are overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated about college admissions prep. I created this podcast to help you build a standout college profile and boost your confidence. Enjoy!

– Steve Gardner, Founder

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