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If you’ re following the traditional wisdom on how to get into college, you’re probably getting it wrong. Learn how to dodge the common pitfalls so that you can plot a successful course to your dream school.

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Have you started thinking about college? You may have these question:

  • Which activities should I be involved in during middle school to be more competitive in high school?

  • Is it actually important for me to be “well-rounded”?

  • What are admissions teams looking for in a candidate?

  • Do my friends have an impact on whether or not I can get into a great school?

If so, this resource was made for you.

If you don’t understand what’s vital to your success now, you’ll stress out about things that won't matter later.


Be Yourself

Many students spend their energy trying to be someone they’re not to get noticed. Learn how admissions teams want the real you.

Enjoy Your Time

Don’t lose sleep or miss out on your friends because you’re overcommitted. Discover what activities matter..

Get Prepared

You don’t have to wait till high school to build a track record of success. Find out how solving problems now can prepare you for what’s ahead.

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I wish I would have known at your age what I know now.



Hey, I’m Steve, Founder of the Ivy League Challenge! I’ve been a middle school and high school teacher for the past decade and have seen how important it is for students to take ownership of their dreams in middle school. I’ve gotten into Harvard myself, and have talked to hundreds of students, admissions counselors, and professors along the way. I’ve created this resource to help you make the decisions I wish I would have made at your age!

Know you’re getting it right.

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