Parents' Perspective

See what the parents feel about The Ivy League Challenge



Dr. Robyn Blair

Dr. Blair shares her perspective as the mother of a grade 9 teen who just completed the Ivy League Challenge, and as a doctor who trains new doctors. She shares how her son gained confidence and other skills that she hopes to see in all great (future) doctors.


Maxine Most

In the middle of a hectic senior summer, Maxine Most and her daughter decided to pause their franticcollege prep for two weeks in order to participate in the Ivy League Challenge bootcamp.

Listen to the mother's perspective as Maxine describes what life was like before, during, and after the Ivy League Challenge for both her and her daughter.


Gulnar & Zuzu

Suzu is one of the youngest students to join The Ivy League Challenge. Listen to the mother's perspective as Gulnar explains why she decided to enroll Suzu early and see how it helped her daughter. 


Janice Kim

Janice Kim's first three children attended MIT, Yale, and Harvard. When she discovered the Ivy League Challenge, she signed up her fourth child for the course. 

Watch to learn why she wanted to enroll her daughter into the Ivy League Challenge, and what her experience was.

Too many people are overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated about college admissions prep. But there is a better way. The world needs every teen to reach their full potential, and college admissions shouldn't hold them back. 

– Steve Gardner, Founder

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