Build Your (or Your Teen's) Confidence 


Real confidence is so much more than just mastering a skill. It is knowing that you can find a solution to problems you face.

Learn the two types of confidence and how to build your teen's confidence as you support them. 


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We know confidence is a critically important trait to develop in teenagers. 
But how? 



  • The two different types of confidence, and why the advice "just do it" or "just get started" can be counterproductive
  • How to figure out a solution by bringing yourself to the equation. 
  • Why feeling nervousness is wonderful-- and how to convert the nervous energy into excitement that can help you focus and perform better.
  • How to anticipate being bad at something in order to later get good at it.
  • A reminder that we always underestimate how much we can accomplish in 5 years, but we overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 year-- because we forget to account for the Valley of Disappointment. 

       And so much more.

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"Too many people are overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated about college admissions prep. I created this podcast to help you build a standout college profile and boost your confidence. Enjoy!"

– Steve Gardner, Founder

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